Who is to blame?

June 6, 2008

Petrol bunks have now found an excellent way to make more profits. They sell only “speed” or other so called high quality petrol which costs around 61 bucks a litre and claim that they don’t have supply of normal petrol which costs around 55 a litre (this happened to my mother today). Seeing this profit making attitude and also voicing against the rise of oil prices, the auto drivers have announced strike claiming that the government should reduce the tax on oil products which is at now 25%. The TN govt as announced earlier has reduced the tax only on diesel and that too only by 2%. Well the ones affected by all these are the general public or “us” who have to pay the tax imposed by the government, use only the costly petrol sold at the petrol bunks and also pay more to the auto drivers.  Now who is to be blamed for the mess? Is it the profit looking petrol bunk owners, or is it government or is it the auto drivers who don’t understand that global oil prices are at a all time high, or is it “us” who always hear about such problems and say “somebody has to do something about this somewhere”.

Hello world!

May 27, 2008

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